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  • slider 06 Dec 2012        By: Ginger

Say, “Jennifer Bachelder” five times, fast. Come on, it’s fun!

Jennifer is one trashy gal.  Wait; that may have come off a tad inappropriately. What we mean to say is, she creatively takes trash and re-purposes it into art. She transforms assorted garbage and discarded items to create artistic feasts for the eyes. Here is her story.

Jennifer got started in this medium with post cards. After moving to Chicago, she was working four jobs, trying to make ends meet and wanted to send Christmas cards to her friends. Lacking in cash, but abounding in creativity, she put together custom post cards for her friends, out of trash. These became an instant hit. All the positive feedback resulted in the development of her annual TrashCal, a wildly unique calendar.

Her technique for the calendar is to use 100% physical trash mounted on canvas board with no digital editing or “tricks”. The images are of the 3-D build. This year her original works will be placed into floating frames and offered for sale at an art show in Chicago. She is a designer with a truly original flare. You can see more of Jennifer’s portfolio and order your own TrashCal at

Calendar PrintingCalendar printing servicesWe discovered her fantastic talent when we saw this calendar coming hot-off the manufacturing floor here at PFL. The arresting imagery caught our eye. We print and bind calendars for thousands of clients every year. If you have an idea for a calendar, we are happy to help you get a professional, finished look.  Calendar printing comes in an array of formats, sizes, bindings, and finishes. Call one of our friendly experts to get a quote started today: 800-930-6040.