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  • slider 13 Feb 2013        By: Ginger

You’ve probably done it, ventured on a vacation that was poorly planned. There is always a little truth behind every joke. This is why the National Lampoon’s “Vacation” movies were such a big hit. While I am sure we enjoyed a good belly laugh at Clark Griswold, no one wants to be him. Staying in crummy hotels, driving stinky rental cars, and eating at less than savory restaurants is not exactly appealing. That type of vacation is not postcard worthy!

A vacation is an investment of far more than finances. You are building memories. They should be good ones. Let us introduce you to PFL customer Global Escapes, a travel company doing it the BEST way! They are “bent on exceptional value and service.” If you are going on a trip, these are the people you can rely on to go beyond simple scheduling. Global Escapes is truly several notches above the ordinary. This company puts authentic focus on helping their customer’s build experiences that will stay with them for a lifetime. 

Family owned and located in Athens, Georgia, Global Escapes focuses on creating life-time relationships with their customers. From newlywed, to parent, to grandparent, they take care of all the details for you. Passionate about travel, for the past 20 years they have provided more than just information. They have built a company culture that offers insight and enthusiasm for each client.

Postcard printing

Global Travel printed these original postcard mailers with us. The image is a heart-shaped grouping of small seashells in celebration of their Honeymoon packages and services. We think this is simply gorgeous. 

So, when you are ready to plan that next successful vacation, you know who to call. When you head off on your adventure be sure to take plenty of pictures because your new friends at Global Escapes will want to share your joy!

 Thanks for your business Global Escapes and happy trails to you.