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  • slider 25 Mar 2013        By: Ginger

The only thing better than delicious, European recipe chocolate, is delicious, European recipe chocolate with your logo on it. PFL customer Larry Wilhelm of, has been providing promotional industry products for over ten years. This family run company takes the best tasting, rich chocolate and transforms it into a tool to promote and expand your company brand.

This chocolate is not some cheap, waxy excuse for chocolate. No, this is hand-made, hand wrapped 100% authentic and creamy. I know, because as soon as the photo shoot for this blog was over, I ate some. Ok, I ate a lot.

This entire enterprise takes an artisan approach to providing custom chocolate products you would be proud to share with clients and friends. They have literally thousands of standard molds, or you can have them create a custom mold based on your artwork. can also customize 3D molds. They created “Bullseye”, the Target® Corporation’s dog mascot in a 3D white chocolate mold and hand painted the bulls eye on each piece. From a basic logo imprint, to a full 3D chocolate model, can meet your needs!

This company also has a retail storefront in St.Paul, Minnesota called Laketown Chocolates. Feel free to stop in and sample the delectable offerings.

printing prints the wrappers for their candy bars using finger lift tape, a method of gluing that creates a thin, tightly sealed closure. Our two main gluing methods can be used for an array of products that require a printed packaging element. We also offer a glue dot option, often referred to as “fugitive glue”, that is fully removable without damaging the base piece. We can do custom printing for any specialty niche you may have. Contact us to get started at 800-930-6040.