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  • slider 14 Feb 2013        By: Ginger

You deserve to have a moment (or two) of pure inspiration; that space in time when you know you are special, loved and significant. PFL customer, Sarah Caracciolo, pours her time and talent into creating those moments through her line of unique greeting cards.

Sarah’s career began as a fashion designer in Los Angeles where she attended art school and worked as a sales representative. The combination of design and sales experience created an ideal path for her to pursue her passion to share happiness through design. Sarah sells her cards to markets that are perfect fit for her eclectic and inspirational greetings. PFL is thrilled to be her commercial printer. We aim to help her expand her business with top quality printing and outstanding customer support. Take a look at some of her beautiful work:

Greeting Card Printing

Sarah has a blog,, and free lances as a graphic designer while building her greeting card client base. You can see Sarah’s cards and order at or at  Her unique style sets her apart and helps create demand for her work. Sarah can also be commissioned to create custom cards.

Sarah resides in beautiful Bozeman, MT where she is expanding her line of inspiration. She is an excellent example of going after what you want while staying true to yourself. Thank you for your business, Sarah; we appreciate what you’re adding to the world.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everybody.