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  • slider 19 Nov 2012        By: Ginger

Yes, that’s right. Properly fitted mouth guards not only protect your pearly whites, but are more likely to stay in position when that big hit comes. This means a lesser chance of concussion, a jarring injury to the brain. I don’t know about you, but I need to protect whatever brainpower I have left. And in this rough-n-tumble PrintingForLess work environment, you never know when the tough hit is coming. I am just kidding. I can always see them coming.

One of our clients, Impact Mouth Guards (IMG), takes protecting your teeth to the next level. They provide custom fitted, comfortable mouth pieces that allow you to breathe freely and speak clearly. More than that, IMG can custom print any design you so desire. Participate in your activity with style, have IMG place your team name, logo, or custom artwork on your mouth guard.

The colorful designs above are just a few of the custom options IMG offers. IMG makes it easy to order with a simple 3 step process. Each mouth guard is built from a mold of your own teeth. They provide both contact and combat sports versions of the guard. We encourage you to contact Impact Mouth Guards at 770-337-3364, or you can visit their website, www.impactmouthguards.com. They are making safety cool, how fun is that?

IMG hired us to custom print this 5X7 marketing post card to promote their specialized product offering. The commercial quality of the post card, with gloss aqueous coating, has a sturdy, sharp finish.Thank you Impact Mouth Guards. We appreciate your business and will be turning to you when hockey season starts!