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  • slider 17 Jan 2013        By: Ginger

I remember when VCRs first emerged as a household item. My parents bought one for my grandmother, and then the hilarity began.  She always wanted to record “Wheel of Fortune”. I was never clear on why she felt the need to record it since she sat down to watch it real- time literally every night. But, I digress.

Talking grandma through the process of setting the clock, selecting record, and switching from TV mode to Video mode became a routine. In today’s fast paced world, VCR programming seems like a cake walk. We are now inundated with gadgets and gizmos, all designed to make our life more convenient. Keeping up can be intimidating. This is where PFL customer Thorn & Thistle steps in to help. This technology training company works toward, “Connecting generations with technology through private training and personalized workshops while encouraging the use of technology to stay connected to family and friends.”  They work with beginners at their own pace and will even come to their client’s location.

We applaud Thorn and Thistle for their innovative business model and for helping families stay in touch. If you reside in Massachusetts, you may want to contact them for assistance!

They printed these informational 5.5 X 8.5 flyers with us that grab attention and do an excellent job of communicating what the company has to offer.flyer printing

Jillian Curran of Thorn and Thistle had this to say about her order experience with PFL:

“Thank You. Everything is WONDERFUL! I LOVE the flyers!!!”

Jillian, we appreciate your business and wish you all the best as you open up new frontiers for people who otherwise would never have access to them!

If you need professional flyers or post cards, our print experts are here to help. We offer an array of special options to make your next promotional piece pop including die cuts, foil stamping, embossing, and custom folds.

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  1. This is such a good idea. No-one likes having to talk through an older family member or friend with technology, and they never remember!


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