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  • slider 29 Nov 2012        By: Ginger

When you think of Hawaii you no doubt think of beautiful beaches, lush vegetation, and spectacular waterfalls. The best part is the remarkable experience of receiving your complimentary Lei` as a native islander welcomes you with a warm “Aloha”. With rich cultural heritage Hawaii offers visitors an escape from the ordinary.

What you probably don’t know is that this warm welcome of foreigners started over 200 years ago with a stunning 6’ Queen who had a vision to see the island be a land of peace and prosperity. Recognizing needs and taking action to be the change her world needed, Native Hawaiian, Queen Ka`ahumanu ali`I dedicated her life to improving the lives of the poor and underprivileged through education, literacy, and charitable support. She started a tradition of humble leadership that carries on today through the work of the `Ahahui Ka`ahumanu. Founded in 1864, this women’s society serves the Hawaiian community through promotion of education, Christian values, and native culture and language.

Today this active group of native Hawaiian women awards scholarships, provides food for the hungry, supports the Lunalilo Home for the elderly, and offers cultural programs. There are many chapters of this growing society that uphold Hawaiian culture and values. It is refreshing to see a group of individuals coming together for the good of others.

As demonstrated by Queen Ka`ahumanu ali`I, one person can change the course of history. What an encouraging thought.

`Ahahui Ka`ahumanu society printed a 2013 custom calendar as a fundraiser. Specifically, the calendar will provide funds for scholarships that will assist students.  Mililani, the organization’s point of contact on this project had this to say:

“When I first spoke to Tyson, I was so happy because he answered my questions and responded to my requests with a BIG FAT, YES!!!  Yes, he could help, yes he can meet the deadline, yes, yes, yes! Tah-dahhh, it was like a brand new day with blue skies and sunshine!

From that moment, Team Mustang met every request and went far beyond anything that I could imagine.  You should be very proud of Team Mustang as they exemplified all the fine qualities of customer service. I would definitely recommend PFL to anyone who is looking for a printing company.”

We appreciate your business ladies and wish you all the best in your continued good works! Mahalo!

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  1. What a beautiful article! Mahalo for acknowledging our society and for honoring our ali’i, Queen Ka’ahumanu.

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