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  • slider 18 Mar 2013        By: Ginger

Menu printingThis is the inspiring story of a furniture store that learned to adapt. Widya Pertusi had a vision to share her Indonesian culture and craftsmanship with the American community in which she lived. Her original business was a furniture store that sold eclectic pieces of furniture from her native country to the residents of Summit, New Jersey.

The store wanted to enhance the shopping experience for their patrons, so in 2010 they began serving aromatic coffees. Customer response was so enthusiastic, that the store expanded into serving “fresh and healthy nouveau-inspired salads, create-your-own salad, Hale & Hearty soups, hot-pressed panini, gourmet sandwiches and wraps.” This was a huge success and the customers began visiting regularly to indulge in the fresh offerings.

In an effort to adapt to consumer demand, they installed a full-service kitchen and expanded their menu even further. This led to a complete evolution in the business and birthed the Batavia Café’. Now, this full-service restaurant is serving delicious fare for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They offer an array of healthy foods, which include daily vegetarian and gluten free soups. They have opened a catering business as well and are available for both small and large gatherings.

In a time when many businesses are experiencing a decline, it is inspiring to see a company that listened to the demands of their customer base and followed where it lead. This evolution from furniture store to café is unique and is sure to be told for years to come.

menu printingThe Batavia Café’ prints their vibrant menus with PFL and we are delighted to be their printer. This menu cover displays a delectable salad and inviting colors. It is printed on a 100# dull matte paper that is sturdy and resistant to stains. PFL does custom menu printing for hundreds of clients. These custom menus range from paper stock to synthetics that have extreme durability. Our friendly print experts are available at 800-930-6040 to help you get started on your menu printing project.

If you live in the Summit, NJ area, we encourage you to visit the Batavia Café. If not, perhaps you can go into your favorite furniture store and ask why they don’t have gourmet coffee and teas available. You never know, you might get something started.