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  • slider 11 Dec 2013        By: Chelsey

Sinless Raw came to PrintingForLess.com with an ultra-custom project we were happy to create. Sinless Raw is a company dedicated to, “creating unsurpassed raw, vegan, organic, low-carb, sugar-free chocolate that provides optimal nutrition for the mind, body and spirit to heal itself.” Co-founded by Kathy McGuinn and Adam Konecny, who both suffered from common diseases and ailments such as Type 1 Diabetes and migraines, these two raw vegan chefs have committed their lives to spreading awareness about the health benefits of raw food diets. Chocolate this exceptional needed great packaging that stood out from the norm.

Amber Sikkink, a designer at PrintingForLess.com, created these custom, foil stamped wrappers for Sinless Raw’s chocolate bars as well as a matching box to house the chocolate bars. One of the first things Amber is sure to ask her customers when designing a piece for them is, “How do you want your piece to function?” This question gives Amber some insight as to what kinds of materials she can use as well as what will be the best fit for the project. For this box a large portion of the design element was dependent on the weight that the box needed to support. Knowing the specific weight of the box helped Amber design packaging that would allow the box to look tempting on the shelf as well as have the ability to be shipped without damaging the lovely design. This box has a perforation line incorporated on it to allow easy access to the matched raw chocolate wrapping. If you have a custom project that you need help with, our design team is happy to help you create the perfect piece. Visit our site at www.printingforless.com or request a free sample pack to view our work.