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Tactile Marketing Automation
Automate Direct Mail
Trigger the send of tangible marketing directly from your automation platform
Create truly multi-channel marketing by integrating high-impact, physical pieces - like print, sales kits and gifts - with your current digital campaigns.
We call it our TMA (Tactile Marketing Automation™) software.
Our TMA solution seamlessly integrates with your marketing automation platform to trigger the send of tangible products based on user behavior. It makes the send of timely, personalized, physical mail as easy as email.
Use data already within your marketing platform for hassle-free, accurate targeting.
Timely & Personalized
Mail the right message, to the right person, at the right time.
ROI Centric
Track mail, response rates, revenue and conversion from your dashboard.
Integrated Partners
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Make impactful connections that drive results
Integrating print into your marketing platform isn't about replacing your digital efforts, but combining them with direct mail to increase effectiveness. Coordinate digital and print to create truly multi-channel marketing that builds trust and converts prospects.
TMA software integrates directly with your marketing platform to send the right people - the right message - at the right time. Its personalization develops better qualified leads and fosters loyalty, while tracking enables well-timed, relevant follow-ups to increase sales effectives.
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Measure and optimize physical marketing investments
TMA software makes all your marketing efforts viewable in one place. This makes it easier to prove ROI and gives you insight into how leads are moving through the funnel. All results are viewable in your platform dashboard, and can help you forecast and shape future strategies.
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Save time and money
When the manual process of direct mail (whether it's postcards or packages) is taken off of your hands, you save time and money. Overhead is reduced, and the ordering, managing and shipping that accompanies traditional direct mail is eliminated. Our TMA solution reduces the chance of human error and allows you more time to focus efforts on other business and marketing initiatives.
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Use TMA to improve all stages of the customer journey
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Lead Nurturing
Build relationships with qualified prospects through a high-impact medium that will get their hands on your message and their eyes on your offer.
Physical pieces that are more involved than standard postcards, such as sales kits and gifts, establish a 1:1 connection and builds the trust necessary to convert prospects into buyers.
Event Marketing
Reinforce digital interactions with tangible materials for increased engagement at your events.
Loyalty Marketing
Personalized items such as gift cards, promotional products, corporate gifts and more increase lifetime value and build lasting relationships.
If you dream it, we can send it!
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Tactile Marketing Automation
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