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NFC Business Cards
Near Field Communication — Smart Printing for Smart Technology
NFC information flow
Your Business Card - a Window to the Web
NFC tag Imagine a business card containing ten times as much information on the inside, as it does on the outside. That's exactly what NFC technology can do for your business card.
By simply adhering a small NFC tag inside, or outside your printed piece - NFC equipped mobile smartphones can be placed near the card, and the tag will direct the device where to go. This destination can lead anywhere from video content, to social media pages, to a simple contact form - or any website landing page imaginable.
NFC's unique technology keeps your business card current and up to date with the speed of modern communication. Bring your printed marketing materials into the 21st century with NFC!
NFC Printing - Endless Possibilities
Not only will NFC tags allow your printing to send the user anywhere online, you can always edit the destination of your tags after they're in your customer's hands. This level of ultimate control leaves your business card as a physical landmark, whose end content is never outdated or irrelevant. Here are a few examples of where you might send a contact with your NFC printed marketing materials:
Product Information
Personal Contact Info
Video Content
NFC options
Products evolve. Prices evolve. That doesn't mean you can't promote them on your printing! NFC malleable destination URLs give you the freedom to promote generic product categories on paper, that change and grow online.
Too much contact information for one business card to hold? There's an NFC for that! Send new prospects instantly to a website bio, or professional landing page. Create downloadable forms that can be instantly copied into mobile platform contact files.
Need to meet and greet quickly? No time for a sales pitch? No problem! Simply meet your prospect, and send them off with an NFC brochure - they'll touch their phone to the piece later, and instantly launch into your video sales pitch.
You Dream it - We Do It!
Call PFL, and tell us how you imagine your dream NFC project working. If you can dream it, we can do it!
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