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Door Hanger Marketing and Door Hanger Design

Hang Your Marketing Message on Your Prospect's Door

Door Hangers
Picture this. Your prospect arrives home and gets out of the car. She checks the mail and absentmindedly rifles through a stack of uninviting junk mail. Then she goes to the front door, and slowly starts to turn the handle. But wait...something stops her in her tracks. Hanging on the door is the full color, professional-quality, eye-catching door hanger your company has strategically placed on the knob.
Sounds like a marketer's dream, right? Door hangers are full of untapped marketing potential. They are the perfect vehicle for marketing your business locally and are one of the most inexpensive ways to get the word out a large group of potential customers. Full color, professionally-printed door hangers are easy to distribute and are effective because they are the first advertisement a consumer sees when he or she arrives home.

Pack a Serious Promotional Punch with Door Hanger Marketing

Door hangers can be used in a variety of ways to market your business. Whether you are seeking new customers or trying to generate repeat business, doorknob hangers will give you some serious bang for your marketing buck. Here are a few ideas for how you can make door hangers work for you:
  • Announce a new business
  • Introduce an established business to potential customers that have recently moved into the area
  • Promote a sale
  • Distribute coupons
  • Promote an event - grand opening, giveaway, in-store promotion
  • Educate potential customers about products or services
  • Inform conference attendees about the next day's schedule by hanging a door hanger on their hotel doors
  • Introduce a new product or service
  • Highlight a political candidate

Ready, Aim, Fire: Hitting the Mark with Full Color Door Hangers

We all know that even the best marketing campaigns are wasted without a relevant target. Ideally, your target should consist of people or businesses ready to buy your product or service at the moment they receive your door hanger. Door hangers are very effective at this because they allow you to target specific areas and demographics to help in increase your ROI.
For example, if you sell fencing, you can deliver your door hangers just to the homes without an existing fence. Or if you sell renters insurance, you can target your door hangers to specific apartment complexes. Or, if you perform snow removal, you can focus on neighboring homes that do not currently use your services - and look like they could use it!

Door Hanger Distribution - Divide and Conquer

How a business distributes their door hangers depends on the resources you have available. There are several options to getting it done:
  1. Utilize your company staff to distribute your door hangers to your target audience.
  2. Enlist friends and family to help you out and reduce your distribution costs. Try turning it into a competition to see who can distribute the most door hangers in the time allotted. It will be fun and more effective than doing it yourself!
  3. If you just can't find the time to do it yourself, outsourcing your door hanger distribution is also a viable option for many businesses.
Consider this: An able bodied person should be able to distribute between 600 and 800 door hangers a day depending upon neighborhood concentration. Better get moving!

Door Hanger Design: Getting People to Respond

The more eye-catching and visually appealing your door hanger is, the greater the chances someone will read it, remember its message, and purchase your service or product. Consider an attention-grabbing headline and image on the front of your door hanger or design it in an unusual shape or color to stand out from the pack. Or try transforming your door hanger into a flyer, business card and coupon all in one by using perforation marks to allow future clients to neatly tear off important information. The most important thing to do when designing your door hanger is to make it easy to respond to your offer and have a clear 'call to action.'
As you can see the, the benefits to adding door hangers to your marketing plan are numerous. Not only are doorknob hangers perfect for reaching a specific target audience, they also allow you to hit your prospect at exactly the right time and are hard to ignore. Plus, your door hanger is likely to be carried into your prospects' home for a second look later on. offers affordable, full color door hangers in a variety of different formats and sizes. Choose from one or two-sided, in two popular sizes; the standard 4.25 x 11 or 3.5 x 8.5. We offer these on your choice of our three cover stocks or the more economical 100# gloss text.
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Door Hanger Samples

door hangers sample full color door hanger sample door hanger example door knob hanger example
Lots more door hanger samples showing different design and marketing ideas.
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